Issues after Upgrading To Windows 10

Upgrading to Windows 10 has been smooth at all times, but in some cases, people also experience some problems. Whether it’s the screen flashing, or the battery draining too quickly, or any issues you must follow the below mentioned steps, it is the time to resolve these problems.

Main issues

1. Default Apps Options Changed Automatically:

Upgrading Windows 10 will lead some problems like default apps choices also changed, and images weren’t opening in the favorite app. Though it’s a pain to reconfigure them all, then it is effortless to change the default apps. It is one of the typical windows 10 VPN issues.

2. Touchpad Not Working

When touchpad isn’t working, you need to follow the simple steps. First of all, you need to check your keyboard and choose the function button that turns the touchpad off and on.  Even this will also vary depending on your device.

  • When it doesn’t work, you need to press Windows Key + I, after that you need to select Devices. Next, you need to choose mouse and touchpad and go with the Additional mouse options.
  • Next, a new window will open and click the tab which is furthest to the right
  • Underneath Devices, you need to select your touchpad as well as ensure it’s not disabled. Finally, click the Enable button.

3. Battery Draining:

It is one of the standard issues when the portable devices that upgraded to Windows 10 that the new operating system also takes a hefty toll on your battery life. However, Intel and Microsoft together solved this issues and drivers are up-to-date even should find it resolved.

4. Wi-Fi Connection is Not Discoverable

When your system is not detecting your Wi-Fi connection, it can also impact some Ethernet connections.  In that time you need to go to the VPN software’s website as well as need to update to the latest version compatible with Windows 10, of course, this might solve the issue quickly.

5. Can’t Update or install Apps

If you are experiencing trouble installing apps within the Store, then you need to clear the cache. Apparently, it is also straightforward to do.

6. Flickering or Flashing Screen

When you screen is flickering, it’s likely due to an inconsistent application, or it can also be occurred due to the driver. However, iCloud, Norton AntiVirus, IDT Audio are the standard options that can also lead these problems. So it is important to update them as well as see if it fixes the problem, too you might need to uninstall after that reinstall because this will eliminate all the issues.

Solving A Windows 10 Problem

Usually, operating system (OS) will never be problem-free, but hopefully, the steps as mentioned earlier allow you to resolve some of the most annoying issues related to Windows 10. When the Windows Update hasn’t handled automatically, you must use the steps as mentioned earlier that allows you to experience ultimate benefits. Therefore follow the steps mentioned above to eliminate common issues while upgrading Windows 10.