List Of Computer Hardware Components

A computer consists of many components. Some of these are hardware components and others are software components. The hardware is considered the most important part in a computer, because it includes all of the components which can be seen and touched. The list of computer hardware components includes the monitor, the motherboard, the central processing unit, the random access memory, the hard disk, the power supply, the video display controller, the sound cards and other types of peripherals.

Every hardware component is very important within the computer. The motherboard is considered a very important part within the list of computer hardware components. It includes or is connected with many other components such as the central processing unit, the computer fan, the BIOS, the PCI types of slots, certain types of digital circuitry and the RAM. The central processing unit is very important for the way in which the computer operates. The way in which the computer functions is also influenced by the digital circuitry included. Avery popular type of processor is known to be nowadays the Pentium chip. In addition, a very important factor that determines the performance of a certain computer at a certain point in time is the clock speeds. The importance of the motherboard is even bigger because of the fact that it contains all of the necessary types of connections that enable other components within the computer to communicate and in this way to assure that computer is functioning properly. The latest technology in computers includes computer software types that are being developed for the attest types of processors.


The hard disk drives represent another important art in the list of computer hardware components. This mechanism is used to enable the disks to run within a computer. It would be impossible for the used disks to read information and write on them so as for the users to be able to access it without these hard disk drives. Another very important aspect related to these mechanisms is the fact that they are able to store certain types of data permanently. In this way, the users are given the opportunity to use certain information stored within this device at any time that they need to do this.


A modem is another known part in the list of computer hardware components. The modem is a device used to translate certain types of information from digital format to analog type of format and vice versa.  A very important aspect related to the modem is called the baud rate. This type of rate measures the speed of the modem, the speed that characterizes the period of time in which data translation is being done.

Every user wants to have a performing keyboard nowadays, as it is an important part in the list of computer hardware components, one that users need to use every day when working with their computers. The keyboard is the device that users use so that they might type something when they want to or so as they might input certain types of information into to their PC. The same as with all the other computer hardware components, there are many types of keyboards found on the market nowadays. This is because there are many different types of people nowadays, and in this way it was needed to have more than just one type of keyboard. Every user must be aware of certain features that he or she needs when using a keyboard. In this way, they will know what type of keyboard is useful for them to use and which one is not.

There are many people with certain types of disabilities in the world nowadays. This is why, specialist have tried to find a way in which to help these users to become able to work with a keyboard, and in this way to be able to work with their computers. In this respect, specialists have created special types of keyboards for different categories of disabled persons. The most common type of keyboard used nowadays by many users is the one having a so-called quartz layout. These aspects that have been presented prove the importance of the keyboard as a part in the list of computer hardware components.

The monitor has become to be considered the most important type of computer hardware component. This is because we use it every day and it offers us the chance to see certain texts displayed on the screen, certain images, watch movies and also to talk with our friends. All of the important functions and tasks that are being processed within a computer can be displayed within the computer monitor. This is why the importance of the monitor in the list of computer hardware components cannot be stressed enough. In the past, the main type of computer monitors used by the consumers was the Cathode Ray Tube type. Nowadays, things have changed and the technology has improved. In this respect, almost all the users use nowadays a Liquid Crystal Display type of computer monitor. This type of monitor is considered much better than the old type. In reality, both types present advantages and disadvantages. In the end, every user decides whether to use one type or another when buying a computer monitor.

The mouse is another part of the list of computer hardware components. It is also very important because very modern type of computer nowadays requires this device so as to be able to function better and especially faster. There are many types of the mouse as well present among the offers on the market. The most important aspect related to this device is the two buttons included in it, buttons that are used in order to perform certain specific functions.

Nowadays, everyone has a computer and, in the same time, everyone wants to always be able to have a good computer which includes improved accessories and features that might enable them to work properly and faster with the computer. The list of computer hardware components includes important components within a computer, without which the PC could not function properly.