Common Problems of Mainboard

Mainboard is the central printed circuit board in computers. It is an important part of the computer that provides connectors for other peripherals. Mainboard is used in computer in order to provide the electrical connection by which the other components of the system communicate. Mainboard is not like backplane as it can connect to CPU (Central Processing Unit) and host other subsystems and devices.  Though mainboard is a crucial part of computer, however there are few common problems which may occur when you are using computer. If you have some doubts about simple and common problems of Mainboard then this article might help you. This article includes some few common problems of mainboard along with their solution.

Common Problems of Mainboard:

1. If you find that your mainboard is cracked, then you need to buy a new mainboard for your computer. Repairing a cracked mainboard is next to possible. Fortunately you can prevent your mainboard from getting cracked by ensuring that your mainboard has plenty of support to prevent flexing.

2. At times new Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) setting doesn’t get saved. This usually happens when the battery of main board is under voltage. By changing the batteries, you can get your mainboard repaired. If the voltage problem still persists, then there is a chance that the mainboard circuit can go on the fritz and you may need to take it the professional. You may also face problem in the mainboard CMOS jumper.  You may not able to save new CMOS data because of cleaning CMOS by mistake.

3. If you find a bent pin in your computer’s mainboards then you need to bend it back with pliers. If it broke down then you can’t do anything. All you can do to make your machine in use is to buy new main boards for it.

4. At times machine crashes when setting up CMOS because of poor heat dissipation in the mainboard. You can solve this problem by disabling the cache in the CMOS. Disabling caches in the CMOS can affect your internet speed so be prepare for it. If it is not the cache problem then you need to replace your CPU or mainboard in order to make machine work efficiently.

5. After installing mainboard drivers and restarting the computer, if your computer crashes or CD ROM reading slows down then you need to find out the latest motherboards driver and then reinstall it. It usually happens in inferior quality of motherboards, so make sure that the motherboard you are installing in your computer is of high quality. If the newly installed motherboard still failed then you need to reinstall your operating system to make your machine work efficiently.

You can follow the above mentioned tips to solve common problems of Mainboard. As we can’t discuss all problems of mainboard here, so we have discussed the most common ones.