General computer cleaning tips

1)      Before you start cleaning your computer or any component, make sure that the power is turned off from the outlet.

2)      Avoid spraying any type of liquid directly onto a computer component. If a spray is needed, spray the liquid onto a cloth, and then apply it to the computer component.

3)      Never use a home vacuum cleaner to clean the dust out of your computer case because home cleaners generate lots of static electricity that can damage your system’s components. You can use home vacuum cleaners to suck up dust, dirt or hair around the computer on the outside case and for cleaning the inside of your computer, use a portable battery powered vacuum, designed especially to do this job and are easily available in the market.

4)      Be cautious when cleaning inside the case of the computer not to disturb any plugs or jumpers. In case, by mistake you disturbed any plug inside the computer then you will have to face the difficult troubleshooting when you turned ON your computer.

5)      When cleaning computer fans, especially the smaller CPU fans within a portable computer it is suggested that you either place something in-between the blades of fan to prevent it from spinning or hold the fan from hands. Cleaning a computer fan with a vacuum may cause damage or back voltage to be generated.

6)      Always remember, not to eat or drink around the computer and limit smoking around the computer.

7)      Make sure to take your computer to a different location when blowing the dust out, otherwise, after some time the dust will settle down back inside your computer.

8)      Make sure to visit your computer manufactures web site to find out what cleaning solvents are recommended by them for cleaning the computer.

9)      Lastly, be cautious when using any cleaning solvents because sometimes these solvents have allergic reactions to chemicals that may damage the case. Try to use water or a highly diluted solvent for cleaning your computer.

Above mentioned are some general computers cleaning tips. You must keep all these points in mind while cleaning your computer. Cleaning your computer and your computer components on a regular basis helps keep the computer and computer components in a good working condition and also helps keep the computer from spreading germs.