Hardware is a general term, and it can be used to name most equipment made of metal, such as keys, latches, handles, wire, but we don’t care about those here. What we have in mind and, in some cases, we are absolutely crazy about, depending on the item we have in our hands, or in our computers, is – you got it already, I am sure of it – computer hardware.

At Warepin, we’ll talk about motherboards, processors, optical drives, hard drives and everything else that a computer needs to have inside it to run properly. If you’re looking for information about monitors or speaker systems, you’ll find them somewhere else, I can bet on that, but here…

We are a small team dedicated to bring you the latest industry news, and we are not kidding. While most of the hardware industry goes for quantity above everything, we can afford to provide you high-quality news, so don’t forget to bookmark our site, there are always going to be new reasons to visit us daily!