Tips To Avoid Online Fraud

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In this 21st century, technology is at peak. We can't even imagine a single day without even considering technology for personal and professional work. Some of the possible reasons as why we are so much addicted to technologies are: "It makes our work simpler and saves a lot of time".

The only thing, which most of us are afraid of being: becoming a victim of online fraud. Basically, it's a part of cyber-crime where hacker uses websites, chat messenger and emails etc. as their mode of committing online fraud. Phishing and Framing scams are some other examples of online fraud. They (hackers) use forged websites and e-mails to trick you and asking you to enter your personal and bank information or may be your credit card details, account number, password etc.

Tips to avoid online fraud

However, anyone can deal with such online frauds by following certain technical advice and using common sense, which we all claim to have. By following certain recommended steps, you can avoid becoming an online fraud victim and believe me guys; you will be in great relief. Very first steps says that you should not enable file sharing on your computer as it increases the chances of accessing files and other data stored in the memory. So try to disable the file sharing feature on your computer. Whenever you receive an email, having an attached file, try not to open it. Generally, hackers try to attempt this method so as to enter your internet connectivity area and access your computer. In case if you are asked to enter your personal and confidential data, go through the website's privacy policy first and if in case you are not convinced by it, not enter your personal details. Generally, in the absence of firewall or antivirus, the chances of cyber-attack increases. So ensure that the firewall is ON and a licensed anti-virus is installed.

Try to keep your Operating System updated with the latest security updates. If you access your bank account quite often, it's advisable to keep strong password. Password having a combination of alphabets, numbers and special character is recommended. Try locking your home mailbox when not in use. Keep checking your credit card and bank statement on a monthly basis.

Other than "Do's", there are certain "Don'ts" that should not be practiced at any cost. To begin with, never ever provide your personal data to anyone in person or over the phone, unless you are ensure that the person is trustworthy. Don't disclose the personal and bank details in response to any strange email, external link or any pop-up screen. Instead, open a new window tab and enter the URL name, so as to ensure whether the website is valid or not. Last, and the most important one, don't keep your financial details on your PC or laptop, unless it's. Other than cyber-attack, the chances of getting your laptop stolen are even more. So try not to commit such mistakes.

In case, if you're lucky is not in your favor and you become a victim of such cyber-crime or ID theft, report to the concerned authorities immediately.

Tips To Secure Office Network

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Several surveys have been conducted on the increasing number of cyber incidents in the corporate sectors. In most of the scenarios, employee gets trapped by phishing mails or by clicking on link, which contains malicious contents. Also, there are certain businesses, which are not protected in a required manner, as they do not follow the basic steps to protect office network from within.

One way to protect your office network is: by installing adequate antivirus software along with a monitoring tool, so as to track your employee's online access. Such tools do come free-of-cost and protects the network from cyber-attack. Another alternate solution is: by working on an acceptable company policy. Excess of monitor may hurt the sentiments and moral values of certain employees, so you need to come up with a balanced policy, which would consider your employees and network security, both.

Secure Office Network

Effective Employee Policy
Basically, Network monitoring does come under ‘Holistic’ security strategy, which means that you can add it in your employee policy. Also, monitoring your employees is considerable, but only if your employee knows. Other than this, you can deploy an effective antivirus solution, which protects the web by blocking spam mails and non-official web pages. There should be a clear monitoring policy stating employees what is allowed and what is not allowed to do online. It's important for them to understand that they are using the company's network and it's their primary duty to ensure that the network should not get affected by cyber-attacks, because of them.

Web Monitoring
Usually, web monitoring products are installed on a manager's machine, which search the entire office network and keeps an eye on the online activities. Another alternate solution could be using a proxy server, which allows you to know who is using the internet and for what purpose. In the beginning, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was considered to be a great initiative taken by companies to provide flexibility in their employee's working environment. But now, BYOD has become the major concern for the network security as it creates extra complexity in managing the network. Also, if in case employees are using 3G or 4G network for accessing web content, it gets very difficult to keep a track of their activities resulting in network breakdown.

Talking about the possible solutions, to begin with, start using free tools as long as you know how to use it properly. Start with Microsoft's Network Monitor. Another possible option could be PRTG Network Monitor, which checks network availability and can be used via web-based interface with Android apps. A tool such as Ntopng gathers network traffic and displays the overall network usage information and statistics.

Irrespective to whichever product or tool you use, network monitoring is considered as a part of a security strategy, which almost every company should follow in order to avoid cyber-attacks. Having right network policies will let you keep an eye on the problem facing areas as well as ensuring that the network is being used in a right way for the right purpose.

Netgear Powerline 500 Adapter

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Sometimes it happens that the modem/router, which we receive from our ISP for broadcasting Wi-Fi signal across the house/office, is not working as per the requirement, resulting into slow or almost no connectivity.

Wireless range repeaters are the best possible solution for weak Wi-Fi signals. However, not every repeater works to the perfection. Generally, it is supposed to be placed where Wi-Fi signals are weak and then it amplify the weak signals and boost the speed of the internet. This is what an ordinary repeater is supposed to do. The only issue with such repeater is; that it would be working with an already existing weak signal. So no matter how good a repeater is it would still have to struggle to provide a boost to the wireless network.

Netgear Powerline 500 Adapter

The new Netgear Powerline 500 avoids this issue of boosting weak signals by using the main power line in your house for carrying the network before converting it into a wireless signal. Just plug-in one of the adapters in the wall socket and connect it to your router via Ethernet network cable. Now place the other adapter in such area where the signal is weak. This adapter creates a new wireless network having perfect signal strength as the network is being transmitted via power line now.

Talking about the installation, the new Netgear Powerline 500 Wi-Fi Access Point is easy to set up. All you have to do is plug-in both the adapters into two sockets and you are done. However, for security concerns, it's advisable to use the disc you will get with the Netgear Powerline 500, especially when you are about to use it for the very first time. That point of time you can add security pin, so as to make your Wi-Fi connection totally secured. As, the Wi-Fi connection is secured, it's time to secure the power line as well, especially when it (power line) is being shared by other flats or floors. Securing power lines will ensure that the signal transfer between the adapters is fully secured. There is an LED light located on one of the adapters having the wireless access point, which changes color as per the signal strength.

Even though the Netgear Powerline 500 provides sufficient speed to the Wi-Fi connection across the house, you may still be not convinced with the speed, especially when it comes to downloading large files of multiple GB size. But if you are concerned only about downloading movies, watching online videos, the Netgear Powerline 500 can be easily trusted.

Overall, the new Netgear Powerline 500 is a set of two small adapters, which are easy to install and connect. You don't have to be an expert in networking for installing the software and enabling secured connection. You just need to follow simple instructions asked in the software CD. There are some more advanced features, which could enhance the wireless connectivity way beyond your imagination, but such features are available in more expensive power line networking kits. But for now, the new Netgear Powerline 500 will take care of all your Wi-Fi connectivity related needs.

Tips to print from mobile devices

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It may be easier for you to do the printing, especially when your PC and Printer are connected via a USB dongle or network cable. However, when it comes to wireless link, it's not that easy.

The only issue, which may interrupt the whole printing process wirelessly is—security. To overcome this issue, there should be an ideal wireless print protocol available, which would allow all the approved devices to print using approved printers. Depending upon the degree of success, there are multiple solutions available for this issue.

Tips for Wireless Printing

Being introduced in the year 2010, AirPrint technology addresses the problem experienced by some Apple mobile devices not being able to print documents. AirPrint connects iOS devices to a wireless printer via router. Also, you don't have to install drivers for a specific printer every time. All you need to ensure is that the printer should be AirPrint compatible. Today, most of the HP, Epson, Canon printers have this compatibility, which allows iOS device users to use AirPrint with simplicity.

This technology from HP is implicated on printers, known as ePrint printers and has the ability to print attachments and emails sent across the mobile devices via cloud. A unique email address is assigned to each ePrint printer for receiving the messages, allowing it to receive the messages directly. As far as security is concerned, unless you don't know the machine's address, you cannot print anything out of it. In comparison to an ordinary printer, ePrint has got minimal control and for each copy of the document printed, you will get an email as a confirmation.

Wi-Fi Direct
This technology was designed to simplify the connection between devices compatible with Wi-Fi Direct, thereby enabling them to connect with each other easily and that too, without relying on any intermediary router. Wi-Fi Direct features Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which establish a connection between two devices using a button, or a PIN code or may be both. When compared with Bluetooth Pairing option, Wi-Fi Direct technology leads. To make the best use of Wi-Fi Direct for printing purpose, all you need to do is install a print App on your mobile device, and that's it. This technology can be well appreciated at places where the number of printers is 1 or 2.

Also known as Near Field Communication, NFC has already started featuring in high-end printer models. This technology allows you to transfer details of any particular printer to a portable device, simply by touching them together or by bringing them close to each other. Then a Wi-Fi Direct link is been set up between the device and the printer, without any passcode requirement. NFC could be used with other technologies including Bluetooth as well. However, when it comes to printing without any network cable, Wi-Fi Direct should be your prior option.

Providing wireless connection between mobile devices and printer is not that easy as there could be some kind of mismatch between procedures. But things are improving rapidly and using technologies like NFC and WPS setup, establishing an ad hoc connection would be a couple of button presses away.

Logitech C930e Webcam Review

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Logitech is a well-known brand in the webcam manufacturing industry. The kind of webcam it has designed so far is way beyond compare. Its latest innovation is the new C930e that features built-in encoding technologies inside the hardware, allowing it to deliver high quality video, streaming at 30 frames per second. It's a well suited webcam for various web video chat services including Google Hangouts, Skype etc.

Logitech C930e Webcam

Completely made up of black plastic, the new Logitech C930e measures 3.7x1.7x.2.8 and weighs around 5.7 ounces, including clip and cable. Its silver front panel consists of the Carl Zeiss glass, which is the dominant feature of this webcam. The other side of the webcam has a stereo microphone. Top edge is clean whereas the bottom side features a built-in mount having three hinges and a padded rubber surface for providing an extra grip when placed on the PC's screen. When not in use, you can actually cover or block the lens via black plastic privacy shutter. The C930e consist of an upgraded version of RightLight system, designed by the Logitech itself. This system combines autofocus with light detection, so as to improve low-light quality.

Installing the new Logitech C930e is the easiest task to perform, as it does not require any driver. Simple mounts it on your PC or Mac and plug it in the port. Rest all, you can leave for web video chat services, to find and use the webcam. PC having Windows 7 or 8 and Mac running on OS X 10.7 or higher suits best to be used with this webcam. For controlling the webcam for better video quality, you can Pan, Tilt and Zoom it within the 90-degree view. Even though the new Logitech C930e webcam features 4x digital zoom, you will be hardly using it as with point-and-shoot webcam, zooming feature is rarely used. Unless you don't require a sharp picture, you will hardly use the zooming function. The new C930e is an excellent webcam that suits best for business video conferences as well. It delivers high quality image and performs excellent noise cancellation, thereby making it a great choice for noisy environments. When compared with other webcams available in the market, you will find C930e a bit expensive, but with the kind of features it is loaded with, it's worth the money.

It's a perfect addition for your PC and can be consider as an upgrade for your laptop's built-in webcam. Being expensive, it's best suited for conducting business video conferences online, but if you are looking for a webcam for one-to-one video calls or web chatting, it would be advisable to go for a cheaper webcam. There are webcams available in the market, which is well suitable for Skype, Google Hangouts etc. Such webcams will have good video quality, but will lack in noise cancellation feature.

The more you spent the more options you will have to choose from. Having a sound knowledge of webcam will not only help you in grabbing the best suited webcam for your use, but will also let you save some bucks, which you may had spent otherwise.
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